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Deborah Doneen



Deborah Doneen is the founder of New Beginning Sporthorses Foundation. Like many, her love of horses began at an early age.  At the age of 10, her parents finally gave up hoping the "horse phase" would pass and signed her up for lessons... and like many other horse people, she's never looked back!   Her commitment to horses and riding was sustained thru her college years at UC Davis, where she was a pre-vet major.  After college and with the help of her trainer, Deb Rosen, Deborah took her young horse, Windwalker, up the levels of eventing to Preliminary before retiring him.

Deborah spent her entire professional career in the software/tech world.  She was a high level sales/sales operations executive for notable tech companies; SunGard, ADS and BlackLine (Nasdaq: BL).  At Blackline, where she was the 5th employee, and she helped grow and scale the company from inception through successful IPO in 2016.   


A few years ago, Deb recognized the incredible need in the horse racing community to find new homes for "off the track" racehorses, knowing that most, if not all, would end their life early, if not accepted into the professional racing community as a serious contender.  She knew that if she could combine the raw talent of these horses with new skills, nurture them through a holistic approach and then match them with an ideal rider, she could give these horses (and in some cases the rider) a "new beginning". 


Deb, now retired, devotes herself to this effort.  In just a  year, NBS Foundation has found amazing partnerships for 4 horses and has many more in training.  

Deborah Rosen

Director, Horse Programs


Internationally known Deborah Rosen heads up the horse training program for the Foundation. Not only does she bring her vast experience in working with and training young horses, but she has the same passion, dedication, and drive to give these horses an amazing start in their second careers!

Deborah, through her own business, Wild Ride Eventers, has coached and competed to the  5* level of eventing, including the prestigious Fairhill and Rolex competitions. 

More information on Deborah can be seen on her website:

Emily Doneen

Associate Director


Emily has had a love of off-the-track thoroughbreds since her very first horse, Colin. She currently events her own OTTB, Matty at the Preliminary level.  She helps to start the NBS horses at home and in the show ring.

When she is not working at NBS, Emily is a Senior student at California Lutheran University, double majoring in Political Science and Global Studies. She also interns and/or works with other non-profits, including the Grossman Burn Foundation and the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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